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Cancel Your
Carbon monthly to take 100% of your vehicle CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere. Scroll to find out more.

Step 1: Tell us your number plate. 

With this we find out from the DVLA exactly how much CO2 your vehicle emits per mile (available on launch).

(We can't access personal details from your number plate. Find out more in our Privacy Policy.)

Step 2: Tell us your annual mileage.

After you've input your number plate, we'll ask for your annual mileage. This lets us calculate how much CO2 your car emits each month.

Don't know your annual mileage? Click here to find out how to calculate it.

Step 3: Choose how to remove your emissions from the atmosphere.

Cancel my Carbon works through a company which curates carbon removal and avoidance projects from around the world.

We offer a list of third-party certified projects. Tell us one you like, and each month we'll tell this project how much Carbon you've released.

Step four:

Cancel your Carbon!

Set up your subscription and tell us where to send your brand new shiny sticker.

We'll then will send you a confirmation each month when we offset your carbon emissions.

Read more about the stickers we use here.
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How does it work?
CancelMyCar-bon is a pioneer in
Personal Carbon Offsetting.


Why Cancel your Carbon?

We can all do more to help our natural environment, but why don't we? Generally, it takes knowledge and time - knowing the foods to cut out, finding the right green energy provider, choosing the right transport - it's a lot to think about. And some emissions are unavoidable - electric cars are still expensive, the train doesn't stop near your work, and the bus is always late. Cancel My Carbon lets you take an easy and affordable step towards solving climate change.

How much does it cost?

Removing your vehicle CO2 costs about the same as Netflix, shrinks your footprint as much going vegetarian, and won't make you late to work. Click the button below to find out when we launch.

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About CancelMyCarbon

CancelMyCarbon is a student project, started by me, Corey Woodward. Read more about why I started this and who I am on the About page.

Alternatively, drop me an email below and I'll respond as soon as I can.

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About Carbon Removal

Carbon offsetting is a huge and rapidly developing field. Read about how it works and why it is so important below.