Who are you?

CancelMyCarbon started as a student project by me, Corey Woodward. I had the idea after trying to see what I could do to reduce my own emissions, and finding a lack of compelling, affordable and convenient solutions.

I graduated from the London Interdisciplinary school where we learned about effective ways in tackling complex problems such as climate change. That's also where I met Daniel, together we hope to make a lasting positive change on the environment.

How does it work?

Cancel My Carbon uses 'offsetting'. Carbon Offsetting is the practice of removing CO2 from the air in the same quantity that it's emitted. It is the reason that individuals, businesses, and soon countries, are able to be 'net carbon neutral'.

There are many ways to remove carbon from our atmosphere. Common and well known techniques involve planting trees, but recent advances in technology mean that more permanent, (albeit slightly more costly) solutions also exist.

Sucking carbon out of the atmosphere with chemical reactions, limestone absorption, and turning CO2 into oil and pumping it back underground, are among these more modern techniques.

What is Patch?

Cancel My Carbon uses Patch, a platform that allows direct payment to a global selection of carbon offsetting projects. With Cancel My Carbon, you select an offsetting method, with choices ranging from the natural to the slightly-less-natural, international or local, and affordable to premium... whatever takes your fancy. Your payment is then split between projects that use this carbon offsetting method.

All projects are third-party certified, meaning 100% of the Carbon you pay to remove gets removed. When your carbon is removed, the project sends us a certificate of confirmation which you can view these on our website or in your account. Our aim is to personal verify that the project are complete. And if any of the projects fail to meet their goals we have backup projects in line to ensure that regardless of what happens, your offsetting is complete. We take this seriously and only provide options to projects that we have assessed to be impactful.