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Kelp Farming

Running Tide Kelp Sequestration

Growing and sinking kelp forests, which can store up to 20 times more carbon per acre than land forests.

Running Tide is harnessing the power of the ocean to build a climate positive future. Oceans represent two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and have an understated role to play in the future of our life on Earth. Coastlines that were once abundant ecosystems are now closer to empty wastelands facing ecologic and economic collapse. At Running Tide, we have experienced this first hand, and we know the problem won't solve itself. That’s why we are building technologies to accelerate and scale the naturally restorative benefits of the ocean. Kelp removes CO2 from the ocean as it grows (20x faster than trees!). We are building the most efficient carbon removal system in the world by scaling this natural process. Our solution relies on photosynthesis, ocean currents and gravity to remove and store carbon in the deep ocean. Our system offers permanent, scalable carbon removal at low cost and without high land use.

Maine, United States